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I was asked the question, who are “We” meaning R.B. Enterprises.  I say without fan fare &
hesitation we are an absolute black literary company- willing to say that it wasn’t talk 
that put us on the map- but the action we took in keeping with divine prophecy in the face
of all odds- our God is alive, real, and black, and no phony!

R.B. Enterprises- Specializes in novels, plays, prose, poems and short stories, is based in Los Angeles where the perceptions is Hollywood illusion.
R.B Enterprises was created and started in 1984 because I had something to say, enjoyed writing and after listening and reading, was divinely motivated to act on behalf of self and kind because they say in the west where many blacks live, black is ugly, dirty, and of no value.

I know better- I also know this is not the land that god gave us and I refuse to be a slave. Payment in full is due for free labor, land, restitution, and reparations in relation to prophecy is real!

The racial strife seen on various high schools and other campuses, along with workplaces across the land, including the jails is an attempt to create ethnic cleansing, intended to do away with black thought by black folk, and replace the essence of our being with the Judas sellouts, colored pretenders, and light to near white. Example: on my birth certificate, my father and mother are black, passed from generation to generation as attested to in the book. My father died in the early sixties, not known to me at the time. His oldest son, my brother, having served in the army and navy, died also in the sixties. On their death certificates they were both white Caucasians, both had been cremated. If members of the family were to trace their roots to my father and brother, they would think themselves Caucasians, losing the root of their blackness.
This was a conspiracy plain and simple. Now when you check the record, I had the situation amended, stating the truth. It is almost the same situation I found myself in when I told the authorities, I would not be drafted to join the war in Korea, or any other war, against myself.

I had no lawyer or money, to help me fight the good fight, for freedom and justice.
Only the spirit of the living God, and truth. Knowing the seed of Jacob and Armageddon is real in prophecy. Click here to visit more links!
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